Mrs. Sudha M.Sc., B.Ed.,

CK School of Progressive Education.

“ You don’t have to be great to start, But you have to start to be great ”

Let me introduce myself, I am sudha, having joind our prestigious institution as the principal, It gives me immense joy to have connected with all of you.

Though my journey as the principal has just began , I have been part of this institution for a decade now.

We are trying to create a culture of happy schooling for the child so that, the experience will be cherished forever, thus giving the child a eustress experience about the school.

Win @ Life will take a paradigm shift, with an effort to enrich the program, Win @Life will also be extended to the parents and other stakeholders as well.

Additionally we have rejuvenated life oriented skills (LOE) and the Business Module Classes (BMC) to improve the life orientation skills of children.

The centre of Excellence (COE) has been created this year, to have a launch pad for the school to have visible changes and results, the excellence thus would be our way of life in all spheres.

PTA meetings would be kicked off and would be continued with great vigour this year. We have started the journey of student parliament, which enable our students to improve leadership skills.

We assure you that, our children will not only win in academics, but in life too. Request your cooperation as always.