“ Those things you learn without joy you will forget easily ” --Finnish

  • We follow CBSE curriculum. We have a holistic curriculum built to suit the best needs of the child.
  • CBSE is an enquiry and skill-based curriculum wherein it aims to promote critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills and information and media skills. CBSE provides opportunity for extended learning and helps develop perspectives, with emphasis on research orientation and social empowerment.
  • We have a globalized approach, whilst incorporating locally relevant components and Science has an added enrichment component. Key subjects like English, Second Language, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science have a new learning approach as well. Our approach is to deliver education with a global outlook.

Our Endeavour to have a Strong Curriculum are

  • to develop strategies that improves their reasoning ability.
  • to use trial and improvement techniques.
  • to make hypotheses and resolve them.
  • to develop Computational Skills along with reasoning, analysis, synthesis and logic.
  • to develop skills of approximation, estimation, measurement.
  • to be able to identify patterns.
  • to promote logical and spatial intelligences.
  • Mathematics Lab activities.

We also have Imbibed Information Technology, Where Our Curriculum Encompasses

  • to help students assess the impact of new technologies on society
  • to train them to use these productively.
  • to help students understand and use common software applications
  • to enhance their ability to access, evaluate and research information

With such a strong curriculum the progress of the child is monitored regularly.