Life Oriented Education is an innovative step to develop the inner talents and kindle their interest apart from academics.

We include a separate allocation of class in our students’ timetable. We have the following class in which students can choose based on their interest.

Life Oriented Education Teaches Our Children to have Skills Oriented to Life.

  • Business Module Class (BMC) Entrepreneurship (Excursion Tours & Trips) : It allows students to have real world experience, which clearly illustrates and enhances the information taught in the curriculum. Field trips give a chance to experience hands on learning while being introduced to new environments.
  • Drawing : Sketching and drawing pave way to improve the creative skills of the children and helps them to think differently. The students are encouraged to open thinking and creativity which helps in their personal development.
  • Yoga & Meditation : It boots concentration and brings learning to the children on an experiential level. It teaches them to preserve, be patient and work towards their goals. It helps in the mental well being.
  • Art and Craft : In our Art & Craft classes our students are taught a variety of skills like - creativity, visual learning, decision making, collaboration and accountability.
  • Vocal Music : The music classes in our school serve as a platform for creating tiny musicians of all genres and skill levels. It enables them to learn vocals, rhythm and pitch in singing and to use instruments like keyboard, drums and guitar. It also helps to showcase their talent at various events in inter school and intra school competitions.
  • Drums : Learning to play drums relives the students and brings positive effects on their health. It also develops self confidence, brain power and helps to increase their academic performance and relieves from their stress, anxiety and frustration.
  • Dance : Dance aids to the development of kinesthetic intelligence, creating opportunities for self-expression and communication.
  • Violin : Playing the violin calls for exemplary posture. The mental, emotional, and physical benefits of playing the violin are definitely worth the time. Playing a musical instrument makes you smarter, it has been claimed.
  • Martial Arts : Material arts teach us to stay safe in the event of a physical threat. It is connected with discipline, concentration and physical fitness. We give a great emphasis on teaching our student martial arts with a sense of responsibility and its rightful use.
  • Flute : The ethereal, pure and poetic sound of the flute is linked with mythical or spiritual figures. A further aspect of the flute’s symbolism is its portrayal of nature and rural life.
  • Keyboard : It relieves stress, enhances spilt concentration, stimulates the brain, improves neural connections, and strengthens hand muscles. Playing the keyboard improves ones emotional intelligence.