About CK School of Progressive Education

CK School of Progressive Education (CKSPE) started in 2016, is a part of CK group of Educational Institutions, which is governed by JAYARAM EDUCATIONAL TRUST providing education at Cuddalore for more than 45 years. CK Group of Educational Institutions are a pioneer in providing Education at Cuddalore with CK School of Progressive education being the flagship education institution of the group. The schools are patronised by CavinKare Pvt Ltd, a leading FMCG company in the country with its roots also from Cuddalore.

“ Your dreams are what define your individuality.They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high ”

The Difference We Create

CK School of Progressive Education Envisions a world in which every child becomes a healthy and productive next generation’s citizen with high ideals and humanity.

We lay emphasis and focus on the fundamental and essentials for a successful life blended with leadership qualities. Right to freedom of speech and expressions is one of the qualities exercised by the students to a large extent. Every student will learn to respect himself, thereby utilizing all the opportunities available during the years to emerge as a self reliant and self confident individual.

The curriculum is well designed to map the holistic development of every child bearing in mind the co-existence of individual differences and different learning styles.

Its imperative to empower young minds to realize their identity in this world to articulate their hopes, aspirations and desires.

Newly Constructed state of the Art School, with well ventilated and digital class rooms to enable joyful learning, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Maths, Robotics and Language Labs to enhance innovative skills and to foster cognitive skills.

We encourage them to participate in all the clubs of the School which modulates their Character and gives them the spirit of Confidence.

All Learning emotional, social and cognitive is accelerated, facilitated and fuelled by the pleasure of playing in the outdoor play area.

Empowered by excellent faculty, provides the best ambience, conducive for learning. The faculty facilitates a welcoming learning environment.

Our School strongly believes in Einstein’s thought “Education is not the learning of Facts; its rather the training of the minds to think”. We are in the process of training our young minds to think and to respond.

Our school ensures to reach the goal of becoming an outstanding and holistic institution collaborating joyful learning and ethical values.

We thrive on our Tradition of Excellence, since 2015 we have always believed Excellence not only in academics, but the overall development is paramount in a child to make the Future of India Bright. The love and trust that the society has shown because of our commitments to have the best curriculum, the best infrastructure in place, our Win at Life initiatives to name a few have been a testimony to the love and trust of the society.

We believe in embracing technology to ensure that our child develops by adopting the latest technologies in teaching along with practical knowledge sessions on IOT, Business Module Classes, Life Oriented Education, which also develops the creativity, Entrepreneurial skills, life skills to name a few in a child.

Reasons why we are different is we focus on the Knowledge development of the child, which will enable the child to have an intellectual edge over the rest. We further have the best sports facilities to have the child to be physically capable than the rest, thus we believe that the child has to develop both intellectually and physically.

The results that have been demonstrated are a great source of inspiration for us to strive for more excellence in making the child potent.