Annual Report for 2019-2020

“ Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. ”

Our heart stacked up with ,want in all we knew since the very nearness of school and that is what gave the goal of strolling forward, till enormity is fulfilled in all our endeavours.

I am really glad to welcome and extend my gratitude towards all the ladies and gentlemen present here, our distinguished chief guest, our beloved parents and my dear students who are always standing by our side in all our endeavours to achieve the vision of our institution. This year as we are celebrating 45 glorious years of CK GROUP OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS started by late Mr Chinni Krishnan and late Mrs. Hema Chinni Krishnan in the year 1974 with just 8 students and today its grown to this stature, in commemorating their vision for the society with great pride we named all are events of this academic year for CK GROUP OF SCHOOLS,

Our cultural event Sangeeth utsav was rechristend as Shazaam which means magic, our annual sports meet across all our CK GROUP OF schools was named as GALLOP. Gallop signifies endurance, determination which we as a team thought will uphold true sportsmanship of every individual. Our this very day was named as Galore, Galore means abundance.

The vision of CK group of Educational Institutions is “Staying relevant by having a unique and world class education system in India CK school of Progressive education was started in the year 2016. We thrive on not only enhancing the knowledge but also the nurturing the skills of our young minds with wisdom and values. As it’s a great moral responsibility for each one of us present here.

We believe that the lucidity of the purpose in children, an excellent team of faculties have exhibited results through the accomplishments of the students are the signs of an incredible school. To be an incredible school we focus towards the wholistic development of the child, happy schooling, building social emotional competencies of the child, nurturing the right attitudes and values to face the unknown tomorrow.

CK School of Progressive Education is praising its Fourth edition of the yearly day with so much pride. Towards the finish of this Fourth year we are loaded up with appreciation and assurance. With 435 students from grade 1st to grade 8, with 2 branches. we have begun the educational journey of CBSE, With the help and participation of every single one of you present here we are certain that we will step into more prominent statures in the anticipated years to come. we have accomplished a great deal and attempted to have various methodologies in our teaching standards and also the handling children.

“Children are the most valuable resource and the best hope for our future”. As we celebrate the 4th edition of the Annual Day at CK School of progressive education, we are happy and privileged to present the exciting highlights of this wonderful year gone by - The Annual Report for the academic year 2019-2020 – Presenting the big accomplishments of our school.

“There are two gifts we should give our children one is roots (strong academic foundation) and the other is wings (liberty to be creative and aspire to think big).”


Our CKSPE STUDENTS participated in the Indian books of Records at virudhunagar conducted by BEEHIVE COMMUNICATIONS. We are proud to let you know that our Students have entered into the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS.

Gifted Education

As a part of practical and progressive education the school focuses on the overall development of the students with futuristic thought. we have in our regular stream of periods various activities like Robotics, Coding, Entrepreneurship ,Medical terms healthy living, Agriculture , Gavels English program and Win @ Life Robotics: Is taught to students from 3rd grade onwards. The children are being introduced to robotics. They enthusiastically learn to assemble simple bots and apply their creativity to find new solutions for problems faced by humans. This year the topics covered in robotics classes are characteristics of a Robot, Need for Robots, Examples of Robot, Components of Robot, LED Board, Buzzer Board, DC Motor, Driver, Contact Sensor, Car Bot – Completed, Comply Bot – Assembling Completed Contact Sensor, IR Sensor, Automatic Tap – Completed, Assembling Robot By implementing concept of Led, Buzzer and Contact Sensor – Assembling Completed.


As the saying goes – “Its always better to build a disciplined person than to repair a victim change. “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”.

Subsequently we propelled an idea called win@life in the year 2018 to inculcate the requisite values, attitudes and habits right from the early years of children. We have assigned the first period for win @life, we have framed a unique curriculum, scheduled a day plan for effective outcome from children. we have topics for each week on one attitude, one value and one habit across all grades. Through stories, videos, debate, skit, slice of life, parents of ck school of progressive education also come and share their value stories, their slice of life to our children.

Students of CK group of schools are always strengthened by knowledge, hands on experience, constant reinforcement on positive thinking, building their attitude. We have also started Anandhanam on every Saturday executed by our students, we have set a routine where Each week one standard of students are given the opportunity, we also go to a nearby home Oasis school where our children also donate food there. Through these approaches’ students learn respect, empathy, value of food, efforts, love, care & hardwork parents take for their upbringing.

Medical Terms and Healthy Living

This is the unique idea for our Students which would help them understand the health condition of an individual based on the medical reports. So we have started this year from the basics to educate the students on the various diseases and how to take precautionary steps to avoid falling sick and lead a healthy life.

Entrepreneurship : Great companies are built on unique products.

CK school of progressive education is also keen on creating entrepreneurs. so students are kindled from the young age to become an entrepreneur . This journey is started from the 1st grade onwards. Our CKSPE students are here to build great companies where they learn the art of doing business.

Agriculture and Farming : Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it is very essential for the future. Here we teach the students the importance of agriculture focuses on the importance of farmers, impact on our economy, also imparts main value not to waste their food at any cost.

Coding : Here we teach the importance of programming to the students. Students create their own coding from Grade I.

Physical & Mental Fitness : Every week the students have yoga classes were the students are taught asanas to keep their mind and body fit . They enjoy the classes and have learnt many asanas and pranayamas which will help them to lead a healthy life.

Self Defense : In todays world every child must know to protect themselves . So karate training is given to them every week were they learn self defence techniques and also physical fitness.


Bandhan Day : Students came out with chart work, songs, speech and role play on this day students were interested and geared up with enthusiasm showcased their talents from Grade 1 to Grade 8. The concept of Bandhan day is to strengthen the bond of the family members with the child.

Teacher’s Day : “Books are the means by which we build bridges between cultures” Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Our Student from Grade 5 to Grade 8 organized a memorable function as a tribute to all the teachers. The patrician of service of the teachers was eulogized with reminiscence by the students and the management.

Independence Day : The feeling of patriotism is the soul feeling of our country. It is one of the best virtues of Indians. A noble feeling of the mind, our motherland who is superior, our love for her is boundless. Students performed various events to imply the importance of Independence day celebration.

Ganesh Chathurthi : Ganesh Chathurthi was ritualized by our staffs with reverent faith and prayers by offering sweets to Ganesha. Sweets were bought by teachers and children. After pooja it was shared within themselves which they enjoyed a lot.

Hindi Day : 14th September is celebrated as the Hindi Day (Hindi Day) in India. Hindi is considered to be the mother language of India. It is the most widely spoken language in India.

Fun Buster : Teachers conducted various fun activity for Students like Jumps Sounds, Laser Jump, Selfie Session to keep this day a fun and memorable one….

Talent Show : Students Exhibited their talents in Various activities.

Poster Presentation : Students’ interactions in the tasks promoted active engagement; the development of higher order thinking and skills which added to students’ accounts of transformative learning experiences

Colours Day : Each standard represented each colour and the children dressed up accordingly. The students actively participated in the activities and the displayed their own art and craft works, organized Food EXPO in the classes, etc.

Global Day : A global celebration is connecting the students to know about various places all over the world. Here we assign different countries to the students, they learn about the assigned country and prepare charts and models about the country and students come in the country’s traditional dress. An innovative learning method to make the students to know about other countries.

Field Trip : Field trips are an important part in a student’s life. The purpose of the trip is to educate the students with real life applications. These trips provide students with greater lessons for life like sharing, caring, management skills and being independent. These are great exposure of learning experiences for children.

Diwali : Our biggest and brightest festivals of the year. the festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. Children decorated diyas with colours and glitter and celebrated the festival of lights by bursting crackers much to the delight of our kids. At most care was taken by teachers for student’s safety.

Children’s Day : Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process where teacher and the pupil are located as a same individual. On account of children’s day celebration we have arranged a various competition .Teachers performed few events to make the day more memorable for the students.

Investiture Ceremony : Winners of the student election - The Presidents, ministers, club leaders, House ministers and deputy house ministers were honored and they took the oath for the real goals of the organization on 23.12.2019

Christmas : On commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ a soulful crib was setup. To decorate the X-mas tree children brought tinsels from their house. With the help of the divas they lit up the Christmas tree in a heavenly manner. To a different approach we asked the students to prepare their own greeting cards and made them to exchange with their friends.


Our Sangeeth utsav was rechristened as shazaam which means magic hence our tagline for shazaam magical, mystical, magnificient. Our institution has toiled to bring out the inner talents of young minds through various events in all categories like – sports, music, creative execution of arts etc. This was the first time we invited schools across our cuddalore district. The event was celebrated for 5 days that included Marathon, LOE day, cultural fest of various activities such as sports, short film, stande up comedy, singing, dance and many more. Shazaam was rolled out with 25 different activities to bring out the inner talents of the children of our district, followed by Grand finale. Our Students from Grade I to Grade VIII have participated and won prizes.

Pongal : It was an extraordinary day with a typical village Pongal celebration. The halls and reception were adorned with flowers and thoranam, sugarcane stacked to grace the occasion. The day started off with a tamil speech on Pongal and a pongal-themed tamil song beautifully sung by the students. An earthen pot was placed on fire with traditional fanfare. The chanting of Pongalo! Pongal! Pongalo! Pongal was exciting for the children. Children went on bullock cart rides, played Uriyadi and had sweet Pongal and sugarcane to end the day with many fond memories…

Republic Day : The 71th Republic Day was celebrated with immense passion and enthusiasm. The patriotic fervour was felt in every nook and corner of the institution. The event commenced with the hoisting of the National Flag and singing of the National Anthem. The students filled the ambience with rhythm and melody with a patriotic song.

Sports Day : Annual Sports Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in CK School of Progressive Education, Chellankuppam, on 14 February 2020. The School’s playground was overflowing with passion and excitement. The program began with the arrival of the Chief Guest Mr. R. Mohamed Rehman- International badminton player, The occasion as the ‘Guard of Honour’. The students displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy sports events ranging from the Lightening the Olympic torch, March Past, track events, School drill, Archery, Relay, Silambam, Karate, Mallkhamb, Pyramid.

Next Gen Science Exhibition : NATIONAL science day is celeberated in remeberance of Sir CV Raman – The famously known Raman effect his invention helps us till today to light the lives so many. Our young scientists displayed various science projects on different topics including robots IOT and Artificial intelligence where one of the show stoppers of the day.

Apart from the many activities that we conduct and celeberate at CK SCHOOL OF PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION The management also conducts a weekly review meeting for the teaching and non – teaching staffs. To keep ourselves abreast of various teaching methodologies, training workshops are also conducted. Upcoming events, activities and progress of every child is reviewed in detail and regular pta meetings are oragnised for the parents.

AS I Wrap up THE Annual REPORT FOR THE Insightful YEAR 2019-20, I put on record my real thankfulness to all my adored kids, faculties, non teaching staffs and supportive management who are of endless assistance to our conviction arrangement of approach that has enabled the school to come this far. I am sure in the coming years, we will effectively channelize the imperativeness of our young personalities to show the best of their abilities. Our Faculties and the entire team moreover merits a major adulation for their resolute endeavors in granting quality training at CK SCHOOL OF PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION. I also extend my true appreciation to our beloved parents of our adored kids who have shown courageous trust in us, my dear parents Thankyou for allowing us to be an instrumental part in your child's life, I thank to every single one of you who has made for this show today and also for this year an incredibly beneficial one! I expect your proceeded with back and magnanimity in the years to come. Have an amazing night ladies and gentlemen.